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Hello ! I'm Sajal, Virtual Digital Consultant & Marketer

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I am a Growth Marketer & Digital Consultant with a solid background and 3+ years of experience in Marketing with a track record of helping more than 20+ businesses from the product and service Industries. Helping companies and startups with everything from social media marketing to Branding, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, social media marketing, E-mail /sms/Whatsapp marketing, Content Marketing, Designing revenue-generating Sales & Lead funnels.
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In a nutshell, I help you GROW your business! With my experience in digital marketing and working with wide range of businesses I enable you to generate more revenue digitally which could be the leads for your service, sales for your product, build your online presence with amazing content, optimizing your social media & more importantly help you decide & execute best marketing strategies to build your Brand, improve your digital marketing efforts, workflows, Tech enabling and simplify things for you.

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